Why Human-Led Videos Are an Absolute Must for Learning & Development Projects

Presenter-led videos in learning & development projects

Are you looking to scale your learning & development projects to a whole new level? Employee learning and development is one of the most important aspects you will handle for your company, ensuring your staff have the skills and knowledge they need to work productively. As the era of e-Learning dawns, there’s an increasing need to create effective, powerful learning tools that connect with the learner- and human-led video content is key among them.

What is Learning and Development?

Learning and Development (L&D) is the catch-all term for all tasks, skills, and offerings you make to upscale employee knowledge and develop their skills to better deliver within the business. While it’s often grouped under HR, and sometimes even a separate department, it may also simply cover all the learning efforts made throughout your departments or business units. 

Talent development can include onboarding, training and career development, leadership programs or skills training, essential courses like compliance training, and your broader talent strategy and management. If it’s corporate learning and development, it falls under this banner.

The Human-Centric Approach to Effective Communication

Human-centric communications is a broader term that’s emerging through the learning and development of digital transformation. Instead of expecting the learner to adapt to the media, it focuses on changing technology to better cater to the human learner. In this way, it’s also about creating real solutions to human problems in communication, rather than creating fancy products ‘because we can,’ or to create a glittering facade of cleverness.

In the learning environment, this becomes more critical than ever. It doesn’t matter how slick or how tech-infused e-Learning is, if it’s not connecting with the learner, it’s useless. The first thing learning and development consulting services will tell you is that connection is key. Training media needs to be engaging, it needs to inform, and it needs to cater to a wide variety of learners, learning types, and communication cues.

Why Presenter-Led Videos Are Instrumental for Learning

Without diving too deeply into human evolution, we don’t just engage with speakers through their voice. The power of the face, and facial expression, in effective communication cannot be understated. Matching an appealing, realistic human face to your content can be the critical difference between staff onboarding the presentation at greater depth, and merely nodding their way through it only to forget it in minutes.

Remember, in a human-centric learning model, we focus on what the learner needs from the session, and not just what the content can do. And if you want your presentation to gain traction, it needs to be relatable, engaging, and interesting to the viewer.

If you want to engage employees on new company products, brand traction, and the needs of your company, using presenter-led video to drive a more human-centered learning approach is essential.

That said, it’s not always possible to have a real, live human presenter in-session. And a bored, unskilled ‘talking head’ that cannot present an engaging and dynamic session will just be a waste of time and money to create.

If you find yourself in this boat, AI videos can help bridge the gap. This allows you to tailor the ‘face’ of your presentation to the best possible brand image. The video will take a preset script you create, and render it in an engaging, powerful format that resonates with the viewer.

Introducing Reals

Hour One is proud to offer our Reals product as an ideal way to balance the training needs in your organization. With Reals, you can power up your delivery with human-centric, realistic AI presenters that will bring the human back to the learning experience, without always having to reach out to a live voice actor to get the job done.

It couldn’t be simpler to use, either. You simply select your template and layout, choose a presenter, and add your chosen text. The video will be ready in minutes. 

This means you won’t have to rely on hoping an actor or voice artist can manage the complexities of your technical jargon or industry niche specifics. You can have the script expertly crafted for perfect delivery every time.

Yet you also don’t have to hope your local expert can present a confident, engaging face to the crowd and place them in front of the camera, either. It lets you confidently marry the very best of your in-house expertise with compelling content that brings the viewer into the complexities of the issue, breaks it down, and empowers them to better represent your company. You can find out more about how Reals works here.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to create presenter-led videos that catch the attention of the viewer and encourage faster, more effective, and human-centric learning, then AI videos are the way of the future.

Investing in your human capital through learning and development is a critical part of upskilling your staff and growing your business. With the power of HourOne’s Reals technology in your pocket, it’s never been simpler to do, either.