AI Video Use Cases

Say it with a Presenter-led Video

Reals provides you with unlimited opportunities to convert your text and assets into engaging and
personalized videos for any business vertical and user experience.


Convert all your text-based learning materials within minutes into engaging and effective teacher-like videos.

Language Learning

Instantly turn all your textual learning materials into instructor-led videos to deliver a premium language learning experience - see the spoken text and hear the pronunciation.

Human Resources

Easily convert all your text materials to presenter-led videos placing a human face at every point of the employee journey and experience.

Real Estate

Choose the characters best suited to help you sell your listings. Use our video templates to present your listings in the best possible way.

Financial Reports

Turn dull financial reports into an engaging user experience by having a person present the financials in a video for better communication and easier digestion.


What better way to sell a product than to pitch it with a human character. Create compelling sales videos in minutes and use them in your storefront and ads.