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Convert all your existing HR text materials into presenter-led videos within minutes. Create personalized and engaging video content to boost corporate communication.

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Benefits of using Human-led Videos
for Human Resources

Use your existing content
Instantly convert all your text based HR materials into presenter-led videos.

Higher engagement rates
People prefer videos over reading text. 88% will consume more video content (Wizowl)

Video works better than text
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. (Insivia)

Create videos at a lower cost
Enjoy low video production costs with Reals. Save costs for film crews, actors and post production.

Fast and flexible video creation
Use our templates to create presenter-led videos within minutes. Change any text on the fly to create a new version.

Any language goes
Each presenter can speak any of our supported languages. You only need to add the translated text.

Bring your own presenter
You can choose from +100 characters or bring your own presenters.

Boost internal communications
Create internal company announcements as videos to increase employee engagement and viewing rates.

Humanize your social presence
Share enticing presenter-led videos on your social channels to increase viewing rates and engagement actions.

Use Reals to create a presenter-led videos in
3 simple steps

We do all the rest!

All that is left for you to do is to publish your video and use it any way you want.

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Create Your Own Character
on the Reals platform

Personalize communications with your employees.
Bring your own characters to present your company













Replace text with humanized and engaging videos

With Reals you can turn your HR content into humanized and engaging videos in multiple languages.

Start using presenter-led videos for company announcements, internal communications, employee onboarding, employee training and many more.

Replace boring text with engaging presenter-led videos to get your message across.

Check out some of the Reals use cases


Convert all your text-based learning materials within minutes into engaging and effective teacher-like videos.

Language Learning

Instantly turn all your textual learning materials into instructor-led videos to deliver a premium language learning experience - see the spoken text and hear the pronunciation.

Human Resources

Easily convert all your text materials to presenter-led videos placing a human face at every point of the employee journey and experience.

Real Estate

Choose the characters best suited to help you sell your listings. Use our video templates to present your listings in the best possible way.

Financial Reports

Turn dull financial reports into an engaging user experience by having a person present the financials in a video for better communication and easier digestion.


What better way to sell a product than to pitch it with a human character. Create compelling sales videos in minutes and use them in your storefront and ads.


Here’s what’s under the Hood
Reals provides you with all the tools you need to create amazing presenter-led videos in high-quality and with little to no time.

Characters Library

We provide +100 characters to choose from and are continuously adding more. You also have the ability to bring your own characters.

Voice Library

Choose from different voices, tones of voice, fluence, and accents to apply the preferred vocal combination for your characters.


Create hundreds of videos simultaneously by integrating with our API to import all your text and convert it to humanized content.


Upload and use your existing images, videos, PowerPoint slides and
sound files to create humanized videos, automatically.

Brand kit

Define your brand. From logo to colors and fonts. Ensure that all your videos meet your brand requirements and have a consistent look.

Languages Library

It has never been easier and faster to create videos in multiple languages. Select the languages from our library add your text and that’s it.

Video templates

Apply one of our many layout templates to give your video the slick and professional look. We made it easy to create studio quality videos.


Need to add captions to your videos? We have got you covered. Just upload your captions and we’ll do the rest.

Collaboration tools

Invite colleagues to join a video project and work together on creating the videos. Get everyone you need involved.

Use your Video

Download the video as an mp4 or use the embed code to share it on your social channels or add it to your website, landing pages, product description, ads and e-commerce store.

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